Wheaton Center Reviews
1 Wheaton Center,
Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 318-1101

Wheaton Center: Project

It’s hard to miss Wheaton Center. Two of its six buildings are the tallest in the city of Wheaton, a suburb about 30 miles west of Chicago.

Location was always in Wheaton Center’s favor. It sits adjacent to a Metra commuter rail station and the popular Illinois Prairie Path cycling and walking trail passes through it. Still, the property was only 70 percent occupied when Draper and Kramer bought it. Upon completion of renovations in December 2016, Wheaton Center was 93 percent occupied, according to Van Senus. Source

On the day of our appointment, we show up to the leasing office about 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled time and walk up to the front desk – only to be met with a glare from the employee working there. We were directed to sit down in a waiting area, which already had one couple there. This couple had already been waiting 45 MINUTES past their scheduled appointment time when we had shown up. Needless to say, we waited ONE FULL HOUR before anyone bothered to see us.


He was a Wheaton College trustee from 1963 to 1990 and often returned to his alma mater to speak with students and attend events such as the 1980 dedication of the Billy Graham Center, a museum and archive of his life and work. Feeling that too much emphasis was being place on him personally, Graham referred to it only as the “Wheaton Center.” He spoke at four commencements and received an honorary doctorate from the College in 1956.

Wheaton Center Phone Number (630) 318-1101

Paid for parking in the commuter garage, with receipt in hand. Only to come back to my car being towed. A $1.50 mistake when I put 264 instead of 294 cost me 172.50. The towing company is all the way in Schaumburg and although inconvenient, the clerk was nice. Wheaton Center

Maintenance will need to make urgent repairs and without notice enter your apartment to complete the repairs. Parking lots are full after 6pm or weekends and snow is not plowed to clean up the parking lots. A single light bulb in our kitchen still has not been replaced even with a maintenance work order submitted (3 months ago); the light bulb has been ordered is the only answer we receive. Units with the washer and dryer within will need about two hours to dry a small load and maintenance will not be able to fix it, besides cleaning the vents. Wheaton Center Reviews

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